City of Rocky River

21012 Hilliard Boulevard

Rocky River, OH  44116

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1.   The Board will meet on the first and third Mondays of each month at 5:00 P.M. in Council Chambers of City Hall.  In case a holiday is on a Monday meeting day, the regular meeting will be held on the following Tuesday evening.  If a meeting has been cancelled because of "no agenda", the next meeting will be held at its regularly scheduled time.

2.   All applications to be reviewed must be submitted to the Building Division no later than 4:30 P.M. the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

3.   The application must be signed by the owner and the applicant, even though they may be the same person.

4.   The application must be complete in every detail, and all drawings consistent with the following list (item 6.) must be on hand before the application is considered complete and can be placed on the agenda.

5.   Buildings other than single and two-family houses shall have the seal of the designing architect and/or engineer on the drawings submitted for permit application.

6.   Each application for a building permit, whether an entire house or only an addition, shall be accompanied by three copies of each of the following exhibits for all new portions of the building.

a.   Site Plan:  Drawn to scale, showing the lot size, building dimensions, front setback, side and rear yard dimension, walks and driveways, accessory structures, downspouts, drains and storm water disposal system.  Show existing and proposed grade elevations if topography of lot is irregular or application is for a previously undeveloped lot.  Locate patios, air conditioning condensers, swimming pools, retaining walls, fences, porches and other site improvements. Minimum scale: 1 inch equals 20 feet.

b.   Floor Plan:  Drawn to scale, showing walls, windows, doors, electrical outlets, heat registers, ceiling joist size, floor finish, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc.  Minimum scale: 1/4 inch equals 1 foot.

c.   Foundation or Basement Plan:  Drawn to scale, showing walls, windows, vents, doors, electrical outlets, floor drains, joist size, plumbing fixtures, location and size of furnace and water heater. Minimum scale: 1/4 inch equals 1 foot.

d.   Exterior Elevations:  Each side of the proposed building or addition, drawn to scale, showing downspout connections, chimney height, steps, platforms, etc. Minimum scale: 1/4 inch equals 1 foot.

e.   Heating Plan:  Drawn to scale, showing furnace size, location of furnace and heat duct layout.  Air conditioning condensing unit must be shown on the site plan.

f.    Isometric Plumbing Diagram:  (where applicable)  Showing the piping, drainage, and venting systems with the size of each component indicated.

g.   Section Through Exterior Wall:  Drawn to scale, of the proposed building, showing the construction from the bottom of the footing up through the roof rafters and roofing.  Each component of the section shall be identified and sizes indicated.  Minimum scale: 1/2 inch equals 1 foot.

h.   In addition to the above, each application for an addition to an existing building must include sufficient photographs of the area and existing facilities to make it clear to the Board the conditions prevailing at the time of application.

7.   If variances are required to be approved by the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals, or approval by the Planning Commission is required, these approvals must be obtained BEFORE presentation to the Design Board, unless specifically waived by the Building Commissioner.


In addition to the above exhibits, color samples of roofing, siding and/or other exterior materials should be submitted for the approval of the Design and Construction Board of Review. (March 1989)