Occupancy Permit Application




Date:   ______________

I wish to apply for an Occupancy Permit for _________________________________________



(Name of Business)


at _____________________________________________________     ____________________


(Permanent Parcel No.

Located in a ___________________ zoning use district.

The purposed use of this occupancy is for




Square footage involved:



No. of off-street parking spaces available for this occupancy:







(Name of Property Owner)


(Signature of Applicant)




(Address)                                                  (Zip)


(Address)                                                  (Zip)




(Phone Number)


(Phone Number)





Note:   Any signs in connection with the proposed occupancy are subject of the regulations of the codified ordinances of the City of Rocky River.  Plans must be presented and approved before any sign(s) is (are) erected.


For office use only:

Zoning Approval:




Plumbing Report:




Electrical Report:




Architectural & Structural Report:




Fire Prevention Report:






Approved by:




(Building Commissioner)

Occupancy Permit No.