Contact:  John Hansen, Treasurer, 216-521-1779

Come listen to Dr. Christine Dorey, musicologist and raconteur, who teaches at Baldwin-Wallace College.   Lecture is an inadequate description of her entertaining and informative talks with and about classical music.  The weekly sessions are based on works to be performed at upcoming Cleveland Orchestra concerts.  Her knowledge and wit enlivens wide-ranging observations on the social, political, technical, and musical environment of the work; the life, idiosyncracies, and musical import of the composer; and the broad brush and tiny details of the music itself as she plays recordings, often with commentary on the musical personalities of the performers as well.  Each session is education and entertainment in itself and invaluable preparation for those planning to attend the corresponding concert.

Meetings are held Thursdays from 10:00 -11:30 at the Don Umerley Civic Center.

You are invited to attend for free as a guest for one session.  Then you will want to join the group for the ridiculously low annual dues of $60 for the 20 session season running from September to March.